Friday, November 04, 2005

A session at the Scottish Storytelling Festival in Edinburgh. Sitting on the right is George MacPherson - the seanachie of whom I spoke in my last posting. It was so wonderful to hear him share stories. In the middle is Jess Smith - who grew up in a Scottish Traveler family.

While in Edinburgh i discovered the greatest cafe ever. It's a cooperative called The Forest Cafe -

I found out about it at a local new age/crystal shop where i asked "what's happening in town? where's the cool places?" They directed me to the forest. Vegan stuff, hippies everywhere. Scattered chairs and couches, free internet . . . ahh . . . . so nice. There was a big party that night too so i went and danced etc. Just lovely.

While there i met two very lovely people Jamie Blue, B (the lady) and Maelyn (the baby). Both are very committed to a natural way of living.

This is a photo from a late night story telling session at The Waiverly - one of the oldest pubs in the UK, if not Europe. The stories were so funny and wonderful. I just loved it. I'm learning lots of new stories. I hope to bring many back.

Back at SMO - this is us on a fieldtrip to the home of Gavin Maxwell - the author of The Ring of Bright Water Trilogy - it's based on his life with the otters and the work led to massive popular support for otters and wildlife. It is, however, ironic to note that he was missing two fingers. That had been bitten off by . . .

In Glasgow - when i was doing the workshop with Alastair McIntosh - my friend and i went out late one night to a session at a bar. I t was just packed and incredible musicians and singers.

This is us at Alastair's house doing the second day of the workshop.

This is Alastair introducing me for the first day of the workshop.

Alastair was talking about the spiritual dimension of leadership and so i did two tricks - i bent a spoon with very little pressure - which others couldn't duplicate - they couldn't even bend it with GREAT force applied. Then did this card trick where the spectator deals all the cards in the deck into two piles and it turns out the dealt the cards perfectly into red and black piles. But we framed it in such a way that the participants weren't SURE that it was a trick. Maybe it was real. Alastair used this - he'd asked me to do it - as a point to illustrate how careful we must be about claims of advanced spiritual powers and enlightenment.

Here's Alastair during a break.

This is the Ferry from Mallaig (on the mainland) to Skye (the island on which i stay.

This is the hostel at which i had to stay because i missed the ferry above. I missed it because the train is scheduled to arrive 2 minutes after the ferry leaves. Apparently some countries have discovered this thing called "Integrated Transport"

Sure . . . in some maaaaagical country.

This is a bookshelf in a bookstore in Glasgow. Look Frank! You're books!!! Right next to books by REAL witches (no really . . .)

The TARDIS!!!!! Holy #$@#$#@%!!!

Can you spell excited? uh . . yes . .. i know you can . . nevermind.

WOOT! the TARDIS! Doctor Who. Damn. WOOHOOO!!!!

For those of you who are confused i shall explain later . . .

Good fellow Tim in our weekly friday class "Aoigh na Seachdain" - Guest of the Week - where our teacher Gilleaspeag brings in a new person each week to be interviewed by the class.

A couple pictures of the castle I described visiting a few posts ago - Dun Sgathach.

My friend Raonaid.

A night of charades and alcohol.

"What i already did this one? . . . you sure . . .okayokay . . . how about this one . . . shit . . . i love you guys. no reallyrealy. be serious now (burp) i love you guys. what?! well you know what?! FINE! I don't need you. i don't need ANYONE!!!!" (sound of single tear falling)

That's all the photos for now. More soon.


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