Thursday, November 10, 2005

My First Gaelic Poem!

an dha shligean

ghabh mi dha shligean 's

thoirt iad gu mo chluasan.

chuala mi fuaim mor, ard, fiach

mar mile guthan (a thousand voices?)

a'glaodhraich airson m'aire

thoirt mi iad air ais

air an gainmhaich

's chunnaic mi orra

airson moran am


cha robh mi a'smaoineachadh

mu dheidhinn na sligean

bha mi air mo sgreamhachadh

gun tainig fuaim

cho mor ard fiach


the two shells

i took two shells and

put them to my ears

i heard a big, loud and fierce sound

like a thousand voices

clammering for my attention

i put it back

on the sand

and i looked on it

for a long time


i wasn’t thinking

about the shells

i was appalled

that a sound so big, loud and fierce had come out of



I wrote this poem in a gaelic writing workshop - woot.

we were given a variety of inspirations and i chose these two shells on the table. the poem came quickly before it really meant much to me . . . but i think it's about . . . how we're not only listening to the world - it is listening to us. this world is always reflecting us back to ourselves. these reflections can often be deeply disturbing. i am comign to see the importance of being very real with ourselves about what we are capable of - the good and the bad.

i am coming to appreciate the extent of my own potential for selfishness, entitlement etc. in this way, i feel clear that honest relationships are so vital in these times - to help us see clearly. and yet, this society is based on superficial relationships with people and NO relationship with the natural world. to this extent we are . . . less than we could be. we are less of ourselves.

be at peace,


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