Thursday, October 20, 2005

TAD'S LATEST INKLINGS: The Projects I've Been Mulling Over


  • waking people up from the trance of civilization and whiteness, helping us all become "onkwehonwe" again. Recovering pride in their indigenous roots.
  • travelling
  • weaving themes of: primitivism, conscious economy, anti-oppression, decolonization, personal healing, indigenous wisdom


1) Interviews about being "white and indigenous". Interview: Apela Colorado, Taiaiake Alfred, Derek Jensen, Frank MacEowen, Tom Cowan, Angeles Arrien, George McPherson, Caitlin and John Matthews, Alastair Macintosh, Mara Freeman, Evon Peter, Chief Oren Lyons, Winona LaDuke etc.)

2) Handbook for Young Celts: This book would be written for white, youth of primariliy celtic descent ages 18 - 25 who are looking at reclaiming their indigenous roots in an authentic way and who have no idea how to do that or what aspects to consider. Less a handbook i suppose than just a book designed to inspire and lay out an analysis and perspective on the process - themes I want to weave together. - anti oppression

- whiteness and privilege

- decolonization

- indigenous solidarity

- my own journey

- roots

- interviews with elders: gaels, leading thinkers, indigenous elders

- The Four Celts: individual celts, clan gael, community gael and tourist celt

- messages from other indigenous elders

- The Code of the Fianna

- The Lies: Modernism and it’s Myths

- show the historical and political parallels between the Gaels and other indigenous people

- Contrast to age, Paul Pilzer, Harv Ecker ways of knowing wealth and their principles with indigenous ways

2) Words to Carry You Home: "what indigenous elders have to say to white books were searching for their indigenous roots"

3) Gliochdas na Seanachie: Interviews with Gaelic elders: George MacPherson

4) The Future of Gaelic: interviews with Gaelic activists

5) A Celtic "Four Agreements" type

6) Craft a book of Mamas Wisdom


  1. Study more deeply with Tom Cowan
  2. Study more deeply with Bill Plotkin
  3. Study more deeply with Caroline Casey
  4. Study more deeply with Angeles Arrien
  5. Go to the Earth Sea community for a time


  • Spends virtual time in the wilderness
  • Do some wilderness/Bush craft training
  • Two year-long "walk about" -- maybe just for a few months
  • Spend time with tinkers in Scotland
  • Visit and live with Sami people in Finland and


  • Do a Radical Business Tour across North America
  • Speaking conferences: GreenFest, Social Venture Network, Bioneers
  • Lead Soul of Money retreats with Lynne Twist


  • Speak to St. FX Gaelic students
  • Travel doing Celtic Youth Activism Workshops
  • Celtic Youth Jam
  • Celtic Youth Camps
  • Support Gaelic language activism
  • "The Young Seanachie Project" - a project training and then touring young storytellers
  • Do in North America wide fundraising tour for Gaelic in Cape Breton
  • Make a documentary "traveling Scotland speaking only Gaelic". Travel all over Scotland with three or four people and filmed their experience of speaking only Gaelic in Scotland. "What are they speaking? Is a German?", talk with the elders, talk with SMO, Oi Polloy, open with the footage from the 1920s I side seen at St. FX -- "what happened?", go into busy coffee shops are pumps for a day and put a sign on the table "A bheil Gaidhlig agaibh?" (“Do You Speak Gaelic?) -- see if anyone responds, DVD of extended interviews, given animated short history of Scotland


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