Saturday, September 24, 2005

Tad's First Time Ever in A Bar!!! (in Scotland . . . on Tuesday, Sept 20th . . .)

One of the people who i was most excited to meet here was Tim. He's the lead singer for a Gaelic Punk band "Mill a h-uile Ruid" (trans: Destroy Everything).

He's the person here whose politics are closest to mine as far as I can tell.

His Gaelic is also . . . uh . . . better than mine.

So i've been hanging out with him and his chums when i can. Always play tennis with people better with you (unless you want to just feel superior and then cripples it is!).

So, we went to Eilean Iarmann (AEluhn EErmuhn). Eilean mean island. But this isn't really an island. Just a very small town. it's not event a town. it's like . . . 10 houses. it's not even a neighbourhood. anyway, it's owned by Ian Noble (the rich, banker dude who started the college to which i am going).

Here's the bar from the outside.

Inside i am:

a) worshipped by a devilish cult (notice the devil signs on tim's hands)
b) about to be sacrificed by a devilish cult (notice the devil signs on tim's hands)
c) Tim snuck behind my photo.

observe me stunt my fellow students with the following magical trick . . .

"you see here this ordinary glass of water . . . behold as it . . ."

"Disappears!!! HOPA!!!!"

they were not impressed either.

and what evening can be complete without the town drunk (Gus in this case) vascillating between entertaining and berating the tourists.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tad's First Field Trip:

Thursday, Sept 22 i went on my first class trip for the course "Canan a's na Comhairsnach" (sp?) - Language in the Community.

We all loaded into the van and drove for about an hour until we reached the place to which we were going - Kylerhea (did you say KYLerhea or did you say . . . he . . he . . .(coughing sound) . . . right . . .)

The trip was wonderful, but for the midges. smaller than mosquitos but as, or MORE annoying.

Kylerhea (hehehe) is the closest part of Skye to the Tir Mor (the mainland = the Big Land).

Pictures follow.


Friday, September 16, 2005

A Tale In Reverse Order . . .

And here's another reason to hate me. More soon . . .

Pictures . . . not reasons to . . . (coughing sound). Never mind . . .

Here's the front of part of the castle.

THIS! It a side house sttached to the castle in the background that burned down a number of years ago.

We took a path that led us to what i can only describe as "the secret garden". it's actually, it turns out, the MacDonald Land trust. We took a left here, walked a bit and came to . . .

The other day Hal, Rachel and I went for a walk. It was a beautiful day and we came up on this hill where we had this view. actually, this is the kind of view (don't hate me . . .) that i get everywhere, all the time.

i told you not to hate me.

This is the cafeteria where i am navigating a fundamentally vegan diet in a fundamentally meat based culture. I think they think i am a heathen. Some of the students have been studying me for their anthropolgy class to understand my ways . . . they've actually been quite accomodating but i still get the sense that some of them see me as a bit of a nuissance. Food is expensive here and, moreso with gas prices rising.

These are some of my new friends. The red head on the left and the blonde fellow in the middle are two of my favorites. Rachel and Hal.

This is a book i bought recently in Portree. There's a bus that goes from the college to Portree each thursday for four hours. It costs 1 pound (which is about $260 canadian dollars . . .)

This is the view from my window.

When i arrived there were two beds in my room. luckily, on fit under the other and i moved th desk to the window. my room feels uamhasach comharstach (terribly comfortable) now.

Looking through the main gates this is what you see. yes, it really IS that beautiful.

And here's a description of the college.

I arrived at Sabhal Mor Ostaig (SMO) at 9pm on Friday. The next day i went for a walk and here are the main gates of the college.

A photo of myself on the bus.

A photo a town in which we stopped.

When I arrived on my flight from Halifax to St. Johns to London to Glasgow i waited a couple of hours and then go on the City Link bus and took the six hour trip to The Isle of Skye. Much of which i missed as i was sleeping.
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Photos from Halifax

these are the wonderful folks at the coop in Halifax where i stay whenever i am in town.

Anna and Dave are two of my favourite people. both are incredible activists now living in halifax.